Luige, Estija:
2015-09-04 NDS (judge Branislav Rajic, Slovenia)
Ocean Nerites Ausytė MAJA – JN, Best Junior, BOB, BIG1, BIS2!!!
Peak River Magical Hope ROXI – EX1, CAC

Ventspils, Latvia:
2015.09.05 KURZEMES CUP 2015 (judge Darko Korošec, Slovenia)
Ocean Haik Ausytė NICO – JN, Best Junior of breed, BOB & BIG-3!
2015.09.06 ROYAL CANIN CUP 2015 (judge Zsuzsanna Vaczi-Balogh, Hungary)
Ocean Nerites Ausytė MAJA- JN, BOS
Ocean Haik Ausytė NICO-JN, Best Junior of breed, BOB & BIG-2!
After this weekend Ocean Nerites Ausytė MAJA and Ocean Haik Ausytė NICO is Baltic Junior Champions!!! Peak River Magical Hope ROXI is Baltic Champion!!!

Biggest thanks who was with us all emotions was so so high!
Special thanks to Marge, Sharon, Domantė, Vilius for all support and help ❤10251919_909392199098721_4971121201028334874_n 11953271_909392262432048_7454831833526135368_n11219021_909392132432061_2638179016403123690_n  11998927_909391942432080_6188819246734137171_n11954832_909392302432044_1089812042517029429_n  11947610_909391932432081_1115278774900361584_n 12003015_909392405765367_4786041995453715109_n