Welcome to Kennel  “Ausytė” website.

We are breeders of Australian Shepherds in Lithuania, Kaunas.

Our dogs live in the house with us, and puppies will born and live in house. They will born and grow in living room, so they exposed to all kind of noises. We want to make sure that puppy buyer get a well socialised puppy.

We expect the future owner to use the dog health checks, because it’s important to know, and helps a lot for other breeders.

We plan litter for 2018 spring

All puppies will be FCI registered, EU passport and vaccinated by age.

These dogs are perfect  for shows and working. They enjoy agility, flyball and other dog activities. You can read more about Aussies here.

If you are interested a puppy, please tell me about yourself, hope that owner is interest to use dog some hobbies (dog show, obedience, agility, herding)

We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful breed that we love.

For more information please contact us:
E-mail: kennel.ausyte@gmail.com   Phone number.:  +37067122918
Skype: mingailes         Instagram:  auslynas

1 thought on “ENGLISH”

  1. Laura said:

    Sveiki, esame daug judanti, aktyvi, 5 asmenų šeima. Norime įsigyti Australijis aviganį. Norime šeimos šuns, tad neplanuojame eiti į parodas. Norime šuniuko, kuris turėtų patikrintus genus, tad pirktumėm su dokumentais. “Daugintojams” nepritariame. Tačiau jei bus mergytė – sterilizuosim. Ar yra tikimybė kad galiu iš veislyno įsigyti šuniuką tokiomis sąlygomis?
    Iš anksto dėkoju už atsakymą

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