Amber ICE

Summer time 🙂

Amber ICE  (LEXA) (kalytė/female) 


LEXA living in Estonia , Tallinn

on the way to A3 

First time- First place 🙂 Lexaaa! tunnels!

Lexa did a great job in agility competition. Second place in her first cup! 🙂


Luige National Dog Show:

Amber Ice Ausyte – EX 1, JUN SERT, BOBJ, BOS Best in Show Junior 2 !!!

Well done, girls! 🙂

Show – Estonian Winner 2012:

Amber Ice Ausyte – EX 1, EST JW’12, BOSJ, Best female 2

Judge: Linda Jürgens, Estonia

Well done, we are so proud!!

Congratulations Krista and Marge 🙂

Agility trains

Agility trains

Agility trains

Pontu Show ( match show), Tallinn.  Amber Ice Ausyte” Lexa” – blue ribbons BIS II  !!! Congratulations Krista! Well done , we are so proud:)

Parodų sezonas atidarytas 🙂

8 mėnesiai

Uphill race

Lexa in puppies class I PLACE!!!

6 mėnesiai

Kaip Lexa sutiko sniega 🙂

9 savaitės/weeks

7 savaitės/weeks

5,5 savaitės/weeks

3,5 savaitės/weeks

2,5 savaitės/weeks

16 dienų/days

10 dienų/days

6 dienos

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